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Throwing down on some vegan pancakes with Jay Z and Beyonce is a very weird experience, thus sayeth their BFF, Chris Martin. Coldplay’s frontman made the revelation while doing the promotional rounds for his band’s upcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams.

During an interview with KROQ, Martin was asked about his relationship with Bey and Hov, particularly what it’s like to hang out with them. “Breakfast is served in a GRAMMY. The orange juice comes in a GRAMMY. Then someone like a butler comes in and does any kind of dance that Jay—Jay will be like ‘Do a tango!’” he joked.

“They have cutlery made out of money. It’s so weird. And then you get a diamond croissant, which you think would be cool but hard to chew. So he just throws diamonds at the window … and then just watch reruns of great TV appearances that Jay has done,” the singer joked.

Jay Z and Coldplay have collaborated on a number of tracks over the year including “Lost+” and “Beach Chair”, but now the band is working with the rapper’s better half, Beyonce.

“She came in and helped out with two or three songs and was really incredible to watch … even though she’s my friend, sometimes you’re just reminded of someone’s talent and you’re like, ‘Whoa!'” Martin says he and his mates were so thankful B agreed to contribute that they “built her a little vocal booth and made a little painting for her that said she was amazing.”

Coldplay’s new album A Head Full of Dreams is set for release December 4.

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