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Amber Rose was berated on social media this week after suggesting that women should seduce men to get what they want.

During an interview with Time magazine, the model explained that “as women, we’re fortunate enough to use our seductive skills in order to be able to get money from our significant others. I also talk about seduction in the book. A lot of women don’t know how to seduce a man,” she said.

Wiz Khalifa’s estranged wife continued, “It is extremely easy once you get to that point, and you can get anything you want out of them. And I know it might sound messed up, but once you get to that point, it’s not using. It’s not using a man, it’s literally getting what you want by any means necessary.”

Several disagreed with Rose’s advice on getting money from men, but the beauty responded via Twitter and stood by her words.

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As the model and former stripper continued to promote her book, How to be a Bad Bitch, she did however go on to give some universally good advice on how not to blow the money you do have  “One of the biggest financial mistakes that I ever made was making a lot of money—I wanna say I made $1 million in 2011—and I spent all of it. And then after that, I had to pay taxes, and I did not have money for the taxes, and I was like, ‘I cannot believe I did this.’ And I really had to start over.”

She added, “I know a whole lot of people that don’t pay taxes. And it comes back to bite you in the ass. Trust me. So I did pay all my taxes off, and I feel amazing now, but it took a lot of hard work.”

During the interview, Rose, still visibly upset with GQ’s recent labeling her as “Kanye’s infamous ex [and] Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama,”expressed that she is more than just a baby mama. “I was married—I still am married, actually,” she said. “And I do have a beautiful son. I’m not a baby mama. I’m so much more than a baby mama. So, how f—ing dare you? You know what I’m saying? And to see the comments from women, saying like, ‘Well, you are a baby mama,’ it’s just like, ‘Girl, you are so lost. You are not just a baby mama. Let’s help each other.’”

Sound off: Is Rose’s tip on women using “seductive skills” wrong or distasteful?

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