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Because running for President isn’t enough of an ego-booster, Kanye is now trying to steal Christmas thunder from Christ. Yes that’s right, Yeezus is going after Jesus…maybe.

Remember that awesome holiday in December? It’s called Christmas, you know, the day Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. Well, Kanye West would like to reserve that day for the birth of his son with wife Kim Kardashian.

The couple is expecting their second child later this year and rumor has it that Kim’s doctors have determined her actual due date is Christmas day. But K & K have gone so far as to request December 25th for a planned c-section due to a condition with Kim’s placenta that could prove dangerous. The due date may be a coincidence, but considering Yeezy has a song called “I Am A God”, it’s not too far-fetched to believe he would want his only begotten son to be born on the holy day.

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