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The 15 second video showing a white police officer aggressively slamming, dragging a young Black female student from  Spring Valley High has created an outrage on social media and even celebrities are weighing.

While people around the world have taken to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to express their reaction to yet another reckless, egregious, non-defendable crime, it’s Cher’s post that has gotten quite the buzz.

The famous singer shared a passionate message on Twitter, slamming those who are suggesting we need to hear the entire side of the story before pointing the finger at Deputy Ben Fields.

“Teen girl in classrm thrown around like rag doll,” she wrote. “Every1 on TV saying“we can’t see what she did b4 video”Who gives a flying Fk!!!She’s a CHILD.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.14.07 AM

The singer even clapped back at a Twitter user who claimed that the victim, who has not been identified, “deserved it.”

“Heartless b*tch … table for One,” she wrote.


According to reports, Fields was called to the classroom in Columbia South Carolina to help with a disruptive student that was refusing to leave class. Cell phone footage shows the Fields and the victim talking before he all of a sudden grabs her, flips her desk over, throws her to the ground, drags her across the floor before putting her in cuffs.

Following the incident, which the chairman of the school board calls “extremely disturbing,” the officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. On Wednesday, it will be determined whether or not he will be fired.

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