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Is Chicago rapper Chief Keef autistic? That’s the question being raised after Keef’s former producer gave an interview where he suggested people are exploiting Keef’s medical condition to make a quick buck.

“I think many rappers these days have afflictions, such as Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, or autism. They need advocates, but we turn it into entertainment. The media is turning autism into entertainment,” said Rhymefest in an interview with Daily Beast. “When I look at Chief Keef, I clearly see someone who has autism. Look at the way his face is structured, or his insensitivity to violence. He needs an advocate. But someone put him out there and exploited that child.”

Rhymefest took to Twitter on Thursday to let his followers know he plans on writing an article about the issue.

HipHollywood just chatted with Chief earlier this year and our staff didn’t think the rapper suffered from autism. Check out our interview below.

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