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India Love and her siblings want you to know their new docu-series The Westbrooks is nothing like Keeping up With the Kardashians.

HipHollywood caught up with the 19 year old and her Insta-famous sisters to find out how they feel about the comparisons. “I feel like it’s a comparison because we’re sisters, but they aren’t the first family on reality TV,” said Love. “There are so many families and women on TV like the Braxtons, so it’s not really a comparison.”

The Westbrooks, follows 19-year-old India (a certified Instagram star, having amassed 1.1 million followers by simply snapping tons of selfies and the like) and her other four sisters: Crystal (650k followers), Bree (106k), Morgan (375k) and Brooke (143k). Combined, they’ve got over two million people following them day and night to see what they’ll post next. Now on the show, fans will see them build their brand as well as deal with family drama, relationships and children.

And speaking of relationships, Love, who has been rumored to have dated a few rappers, most recently The Game, told us that that relationship is very over. “There is no update on that relationship, I’m single.”

The Westbrooks debuts October 14 on BET.





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