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Actor Anthony Mackie is being skewered by Black Twitter after revealing in an interview that he’s a Donald Trump supporter. Mackie stars alongside Sandra Bullock in Our Brand Is Crisis, a film about American campaign strategists working in South America.

When asked by BET if he would rather run Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump’s campaign, Mackie made it clear which side of the aisle he leans towards. “I would 100 percent want to run Trump’s campaign. 100 percent. I mean, first that’ll be the best party ever when he won, and second, Trump’s an easy sell.”

Just in case you don’t think that’s an endorsement, he went on to state he’s definitely on the Trump “bandwagon.” This, well, it did little to amuse the folks who run Black Twitter who basically destroyed the actor with comments like these.

Harsh, but this is America. Don’t we all have a right to support whomever we want?

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