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There are new reports flying around that Drake and Serena Williams are engaged.

The rumors don’t seem too far-fetched considering the recent admiration we’ve all seen between the two. However, while we would love to talk dresses and wedding colors, the rumored nuptials are simply not true. A rep for the rapper has confirmed that Drake and Serena are NOT engaged.

But we wouldn’t necessarily put wedding bells past these two lovers. The Canadian rapper and tennis pro have been dating for several months now, but it wasn’t until the athlete’s US Open matches that we all got a glimpse of their love.

The rapper was also spotted backstage at Williams’ show at New York Fashion Week, congratulating the beauty and even kissing her on the hand.

Serena has even been getting cozy with Drake’s mother. The rapper’s mama and Williams were spotted hanging out last month at Drizzy’s restaurant opening in Toronto.

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Sound off: Will Drake and Serena eventually get married?

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