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Selena Gomez has grown up right before our eyes. Whether it was transitioning from her life as a Disney star or enduring relationships in the public eye, the singer has become a stellar young lady.

Next month, Selena will be releasing her new album titled, Revival and HipHollywood caught up with the beauty to talk about the project that is being considered the rebirth of the pop star. “I just feel really good. I feel happy. I feel confident. I just feel much better about everything in my life. I feel just really in control. And I love that,” Gomez explained.

The 23-year-old added, “It translates into the music. I really poured my heart into it.”

  And speaking of feeling more in control, the Hotel Transylvania 2 actress opened up to us about how her faith has helped guide her the right direction. “I respect everybody’s belief. I think everyone should have a higher power. I think for me having a connection with my spirituality is important and n a lot of ways it’s really guided me,” she said.  The star continued, “I think a lot of forgiveness and compassion in what I believe in and I love that.”  Click to see the video.

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