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Actress Nia Long is feeling the wrath of #BlackLivesMatter supporters after taking to social media to express her support of #AllLivesMatters. Nia posted this image on Instagram earlier this month which sparked the backlash:

Many feel the #AllLivesMatter hashtag is being used to distract or undermine the BLM’s message, one crafted out of frustration over numerous Black men and women being killed by police officers. Shortly after long posted her IG image, followers began expressing their disdain for her actions:

“I decided to delete Nia Long. No longer a follower. Good bye Nia,” one user wrote.

Another follower added, “Looks like someone is looking for employment & white checks. If all lives really mattered there would be no need for the black lives matter movement. Girl, you done f*cked up NOW. Black people are the only ones in your corner supporting you.”

“If all lives matter, we wouldn’t need to exclaim black lives matter … the purpose of the phrase to emphasize that Black lives are just as valuable and important as everyone else’s and therefore should be treated equally … smh this truly disappointing Nia!!!!”

Nia has not responded to the backlash, but should she? And will you stop supporting the actress if she doesn’t post a message showing definitive¬†support for the BLM movement?

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