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Here comes the law ya’ll … and by that we mean, Ludacris.

The rapper will make his debut appearance on Fox’s Empire tonight as a security guard at the prison Lucious Lyon is being held.

Based on a new clip hitting the Web, the 38-yaer-old, complete in uniform, can be seen giving Lucious a hard time. “Not everyone is interested in being up your a$$ Lyon,” Luda says. “I think you make us all look bad. As far as I’m concerned the world would be a better place without you in it.”

The rapper adds, “But the federal prosecutor, Miss Roxanne Ford, she is more forgiving than me.”

The Fast and Furious star is one of several A list celebrities making cameos in the season of the hit Fox drama, including Chris Rock who appeared during the first episode.

And speaking of first episode, the show’s Season 2 premiere broke major records with new numbers reaching a whopping 20 million. According to Nielsen’s live-plus 3 estimates, the 20 million mark includes three days worth of DVR and VOD.

Empire’s stellar ratings are also highest for any entertainment series during premiere week.

See below for another clip of tonight’s episode.

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