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Has Kylie Jenner been creeping behind Tyga’s back? That’s the claim being made by rapper, InkMonstarr. The heavily tattooed rap artist partnered with Stitches to release a video called, “Kyga She’s a Liar.”

On the song, the men discuss how Jenner’s private regions smell like fish and how she’s apparently lying about something. “N*gga, I’m not TMZ but I’m giving you the scoop,” Ink raps before adding, “You thought that b*tch was loyal? She a c*m guzzler.” They also throw several shots at Tyga, calling him a “p*ssy a** n*gga.”

InkMonstarr later took to his Instagram share what appears to be a screen grab of a DM conversation he had with the 18-year-old, and an image of the two that he claims is only days old.

#TMIGANG FOO – That’s not your gurl @kinggoldchains that’s OURS ❌ S/o @ae4president

A photo posted by Mon$tarr Aka INKY INK (@inkmonstarr) on

About a week agoooooooo #BarelyLegal

A photo posted by Mon$tarr Aka INKY INK (@inkmonstarr) on

And while both men claim to have slept with the youngest Jenner sister, Stitches is using the classy hashtag: #WeF*ckedYourB*tch.

We don’t know when it became cool for dudes to make diss songs over barely legal reality TV stars, but judging from how crazy these guys look, we hope Tyga doesn’t respond for his own safety.

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