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Spike Lee’s highly anticipated film Chiraq isn’t slated to be released until 2016, but Wesley Snipes, who is one of the many stars attached to the film, is already promising that audiences will love it.

“It’s filled with great drama, and comedy, and great, great, great performances,” Wesley told HipHollywood during the NBC TCAs in Los Angeles. “And the scripting in itself and the setting is quite artistically marvelous.” Snipes, alongside Jennifer Hudson, Samuel L. Jackson, Dave Chappelle, Nick Cannon, Angela Bassett, LaLa Anthony and many more, star in the film written and directed by Lee. This is Snipes second time working with Spike, the first was Jungle Fever in 1991. When asked about teaming back up with his old buddy, the Blade actor stated it was the, “absolute greatest experience … we had a ball.”

A lot of information about Chiraq has been kept under wraps, but this is how IndieWire explains the plot:

The film, which we learned will be a comedy musical, is a retelling of the ancient Greek comedy “Lysistrata” – in short, the women of Greece refused to have sex with their husbands, all in an effort to bring an end to the Peloponnesian War, via the signing of a peace treaty. In Spike’s film, the story will center on a woman’s quest to end gang warfare in Chicago, likely via similar methods as used by Lysistrata; i.e., no sex for the brothas in the middle of the gang war, until the violence ends… and it all unfolds as a musical comedy.

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