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Nelson Mandela’s grandson is locked up behind bars after allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl.

According to reports, Mbuso Mandela was arrested over the weekend after apparently raping the alleged victim inside a bathroom stall at a restaurant in the Johannesburg suburb of Greenside. It is reported that the girl was at the popular eatery with her friends.

“According to the complainant, it happened on 7 August 2015. It was reported to the police on the 14 August 2015,” Gauteng police spokeswoman Brigadier Mashadi Selepe told the U.K.’s Guardian. “All the rights of suspects are upheld during their investigation and lawful custody.”

A family spokesperson for the alleged victim tells the Daily Sun that the 15-year-old’s father tried to “open up a case” when it first happened, but was “unsuccessful.” “Just because they have a famous surname, they think they can get away with crime,” the spokesperson said. “Children can’t just be raped and then everything is alright. The girl is young and doesn’t even drink.”

Mandela, who is one of the late Nelson Mandela’s 17 grandkids, will remain in custody until his bond hearing on Friday.

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