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Michael B. Jordan is such a class act.

Just several days after being forced to answer a seemingly uncomfortable question during an interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 about his new film, Fantastic Four, the actor is speaking out about the moment which he and his co-star, Kate Mara call “ignorant.”

During an interview on July 30, radio host Steven J. Rickman asked Jordan and Mara, “From what I’ve seen, you’re brother and sister. You’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?”

In response, Jordan replied, “They could be raised as brother and sister … There’s a whole bunch of family dynamics that could be without the obvious adoption.”

On Tuesday, Michael sat down with HuffPostLive and reacted to the awkward question, telling the host Marc Lamont Hill, “Sometimes journalists use that room as a safety net to kind of say whatever they want and ask questions that they would never normally ask you outside of that room,” said Jordan.

Jordan, who plays Johnny Storm/Human Torch,continued,”As actors, sometimes we feel the pressure to always say what you’re supposed to and kind of put your best foot forward promoting the film. We don’t want to bring any negativity towards the positive message and what we’re actually there to do.”

He added, “We’re still people. We’re still human. So, that kind of bothers us. At the end of the day, we don’t want to bring the attention to ignorance, and we always take the high road on these things and move forward, you know?” Jordan said.

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.

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