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Brandon T. Jackson stars as Ben on the new sitcom “Mr. Robinson”, but when he’s not on the small screen the comedian is showing folks he’s more comfortable being who he really is.

While the comedian was hanging out in the HipHollywood Loft, he got real comfortable and let his guard down. “My brand is very safe, which is cool cuz I love kids, I love the church I love family, that’s my morals, but when it comes down to war … I have a raw side to me,” Jackson revealed.

On the show “Mr. Robinson” Brandon plays Ben, Craig Robinson’s little brother. The two are in a band called Nasty Delicious and of course, that opens the door for Jackson’s character to get is some pretty interesting situations. Luckily, the role is right up his alley. “Ben is me four years ago,” Brandon explains of his character, “got the ladies coming through, I use to play guitar a little bit … I was that dude for a second.”

You can catch Brandon play Ben when “Mr. Robinson” airs Wednesday nights on NBC at 9/8c.

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