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Karrine Steffans is with child, but the baby’s father isn’t who a lot of people think it is. Two weeks ago, the author announced that she was pregnant by posting a picture of herself with her hand on her stomach. The image led several of her followers to believe her on-again, off-again partner Lil Wayne was the baby’s daddy.

It's the little things.

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Over the weekend, Karrine took to social media to set the record straight on the pregnancy rumors.

The former music video model went on to reveal that she was pregnant by her husband, not the rapper. She also posted this lengthy caption about her current relationship on IG:

“Once, I gave up everything for a man–including myself. Some things I gave freely, some things he stole, and other things just withered and died. Then, I died. It took years of work and faith to rebuild my life and start again and, in the interim, there came another man. I loved him from the moment I first saw him and from our first day together, I offered him the best I had to give. But it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t enough and he, too, was still growing. The years passed and that growth took us away from eachother, but I never stopped loving him. I just watched him from afar, making his joys my joys, praying for him, and being proud of his accomplishments. Then, one day, out of nowhere, he was back and instead of continuing to grow apart, we began to grow together. Our two roads became like one road as our personal journeys not only intertwined, but relied on eachother. And for the first time in my life, a man prayed with me and for me and when I think of him, I think of prayer before anything else. Then, laughter and understanding, peace and privacy. He has taught me so much about myself and he assures I’ve done the same for him. He set a bar high above anyone I’d ever met in my life and still, no other man can reach it. His existence reminds me not to settle and that when God has his hand in something, nothing can break it. And so, nothing can break us–not even us. I have given up a lot, not for him, but because of him and all those things and people were bad for me. What is left is me–good and loving, genuine, faithful, and aware. He is the only man God chose to bear witness to my life and I don’t know why, but I am so grateful for him and all God has done through him, for me. I hope you know someone like this and if you do, tell him or her how much they mean to you, today. Maybe tag them below. Nothing is promised. Love eachother now before it’s too late. Be well.”

Steffans hasn’t revealed who her husband is, but revealed in a recent interview that he’s much younger.

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