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Now this is what happens when a little social media sweet talk goes all the way left!

Mike Epps hopped on Twitter and was like, “Hey, What’s Up, Hello”, to a little lady friend … but his flirting hit the fan when his wife found out!

After exchanging pleasantries with @CeciCitra on Twitter, Mike proceeded to say the one thing no married man should ever say to another woman … “DM me.”

It was then that his wife of almost ten years, Mechelle Epps, peeped the inappropriate request and decided to “@” Mike and his social media pen pal and hit them both with the big eyes emoji. Can you say BUSTED!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 6.23.51 AM



After getting caught, Mike immediately blocked his new found Twitter friend and shut down all communication. Looks like Mechelle got him in together real quick.

Unfortunately, Epps isn’t the first man to get caught up on social media and probably won’t be the last. He joins the ranks with other public figures like Ashton Kutcher, The Dream, Jude Law, politician Anthony Weiner and many more.

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