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Just two days following the burial of Bobbi Kristina, the National Enquirer made the decision to publish a deathbed photo of the late 22-year-old actress.

As Bobbi layed in her hospice bed in Duluth, GA, somebody took a photo of the lifeless star and sold it to the publication. In the photo, taken days before her July 26 death, BK rests in a hospital gown and tubes in her mouth. “The family is very upset,” a source tells HipHollywood exclusively.

What makes the publication’s cover photo even more heartbreaking is that it is side by side with Krissi’s mother, the late Whitney Houston laying inside her casket. “Whitney’s Daughter: The Last Photo,” the headline reads. “Inside The Tragic Deathbed Scene Before Bobbi Kristina Was Reunited With Her Mom.”


Apparently, there is also an image of the 22-year-old resting inside her casket that was sold for a whopping $100,000. According to reports, the Brown’s and the Houston’s are blaming each other for the snapshot that has not yet been released.

BK was laid to rest on Monday and was buried alongside her late mother in Westfield, New Jersey. Brown died six months after being fund unconscious, face down in a bathtub full of water inside her Roswell, GA home.

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