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If we didn’t know any better we just might think Channing Tatum did some research in a few Atlanta male strip clubs before reprising his role in Magic Mike XXL.

From a provocative performance to Jodeci’s “I Wanna Freak You,” to a routine (with Stephen tWitch Boss) to Bando Jonez’ “Sex Me,” Tatum’s got some seriously sexy moves that could rival the guys from Chocolate City, and earn him the stage name “White Chocolate.”

But according to Tatum, that was exactly the goal. HipHollywood caught up with him, as well as as the choreographers of the film, to find out about his new and improved magic moves.

“In the first movie we were a little tethered to reality,” explained Tatum. “This world isn’t all that creative with dances and stuff, you’re kinda stuck doing the fireman routine and things. But with this one I really wanted to break that mold, and see what we could come up with.”

And he definitely did according to Allison Faulkner one of of the choreographers on the film. “I was like Jen, did Channing get hotter, and she was like he did, I don’t know, maybe because now he’s a daddy, I don’t know. We all were like you got hotter, he was like I did, cool.”

“He did a lot of free-styling and coming up with ideas as far as choreography,” added assistant choreographer Luke Broadlick. “He was really committed.”

But Channing wasn’t the only one. So You Think You Can Dance alum Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Kevin Nash and Matt Bomer, also show off some killer moves.

Check out the video above for our chat with the rest of the cast, and be sure to catch Magic Mike XXL, in theaters July 1.

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