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What Brandi Maxiell Is Saying About Draya Michele’s Cancer Diss



On this season of Basketball Wive’s LA, Brandi Maxiell is dealing with much more than just petty cat fights.

Brandi recently stopped by the HipHollywood loft and opened up about her deep story line, including her heartbreak and life after surviving ovarian cancer.

As seen on this season’s super trailer, Maxiell’s co-star, Draya Michele stated that nobody cared about Brandi’s “sad story,” a statement Maxiell tells HipHollywood was very immature. “You can’t blame those that never walked that life or don’t even know anybody that has been effected by cancer. You don’t have that heart, ” Maxiell told us. “I think it’s very weak for anybody to say that.”

Meanwhile, the reality star is fighting to keep her marriage to former NBA player, Jason Maxiell, alive.

As chronicled on the hit VH1 show, Jason has been unfaithful, but depite the pain, Brandi stayed. “Because we have a three year old baby that is beautiful that needs the both of us. And he’s my husband,” she told us. “I’ve been with him off and on since I was 16 years old. He is all that I know. He is the only man that I love. Why stop now? ”

Maxiell added, “I’ve always said for better worse, for richer for poorer. It’s a struggle, it’s a process, but we are getting there.”

Basketball Wives airs Sunday nights at 11 p.m. on VH1.

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