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Oh, Tay Tay, when will you learn? Don’t come for Rihanna, her Navy is relentless!

Tamar Braxton made a visit to Power 105.1 and had a chat with Angie Martinez about numerous things. They covered her various beefs (K. Michelle, Kylie Jenner, Chris Brown, etc.) and how she’s been able to handle them all. Plus, they even talked about her new single, “If I Don’t Have You”, and her upcoming album, Calling All Lovers, scheduled to be released on September 11th. But, it was their conversation about the state of R&B and who should be in that category that got Braxton in some hot water.

While admitting that she’s one of Rihanna’s “biggest fans”, Tamar also said that she definitely doesn’t consider Rih Rih R&B and that she was a bit upset when the “B*tch Better Have My Money” singer was nominated in the Best R&B Album category at the Grammy’s. “It’s called Rhythm and Blues. Ribs and Barbecue. It’s not pop pop pop tat tat tat. It’s soulful. That’s R&B. Every song of hers I’ve gotten my complete and utter life to … twerking. I’m just saying. I love her; I’m one of her biggest fans period, but that’s not R&B music,” Braxton stated. She also had the same sentiment towards singer Sam Smith, saying his music is definitely more pop than soul.

While we think she’s a bit off about Smith, that boy is definitely a soulful singer, we think she’s pretty spot on about Rihanna. No shade, but Rih is practically a Pop icon, with hits that makes us move our bodies, but don’t necessarily stir anything in our souls. Unfortunately, it seems that the folks over the Grammys think the only requirements for R&B are “Recording and Black” not “Rhythm and Blues.”

Check out Tamar’s whole interview with Angie Martinez below. Do you agree with her?

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