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Meek Mill took the stage on Wednesday night alongside his girlfriend Nicki Minaj and apologized to his boo for dissing Drake.

The couple performed together in Virginia and during the show, Meek took a moment to say “I’m sorry” for his recent Twitter rant slamming the Canadian rapper for not writing his his “own raps.”

“I want to give like a special apology shout out to Nicki Minaj for my crazy ass going crazy on Twitter,” he said while oddly playing with Nicki’s hair. “You can’t mess up no one hundred.”

Meek went on to express that he was “upset as a fan” that Drake supposedly didn’t write his own verse on their song together, “R.I.C.O.”. “Shout out to Drake and let him be great in all the motherfuckin lanes he great in,” the Philly native said.

But Drake wasn’t out of the clear just yet. Ironically, on Wednesday night, the target was back on Drake’s back after Funkmaster Flex leaked another version of the rapper’s track “10 Bands.” The catch? The song that Flex released was performed by Quentin Miller, the man who allegedly ghostwrote the verses.

Drake has remained mum on the ghostwriting controversy.

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