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Just one week after 50 Cent confirmed he filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the rapper revealed that despite his lavish lifestyle, he is only worth $4.4 million dollars.

The rapper appeared in a Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday morning in connection with the $5 million lawsuit filed by Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston. Lastonia claims Fiddy obtained and then posted a sex tape she made with her boyfriend.

But during the hearing, the rapper, whose legal name is Curtis Jackson, made some shocking claims about his finances.

Jackson confirmed that his Bentley and Ferrari “were rented” and that he “borrowed” extravagant items from other people, like jewelry. “It’s entertainment” he apparently testified, talking about the expensive lifestyle. The 40-year-old also claimed he owns “a few gold chains” and that his apparent  $1.6 million Floyd Mayweather bet was totally fraudulent.

As for his regular cash flow, the New York Native explained that “I get 10 cents a record” and for his recent flicks, “Spy” and “Southpaw,” he only made a measly $100,000 for each.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, Forbes listed Fiddy’s value as a whopping $155 million. So, we wonder: Is Fiddy really broke? Or is he pulling wool over our eyes to get out of  a settlement?

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