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2 Chainz is just looking to have a good time, but it sounds like the man is trying to hold him down.

The 6′ 5″, “Hair Weave Killer”, who was in Vegas for BET’s “Player’s Awards” this weekend, took to Instagram to air out his grievances. Unfortunately, he says every time he tries to hit the clubs in Sin City he’s told hell no! Apparently, club owners say he’s “banned” but they never give him any explanation as to why. Well, now Tity Boi is fed up … he wants answers!

Is it his tall frame and strong stature that scare these club owners? Do they assume since he’s a Black rapper that he may be trouble? Or could it be the felony drug convictions on his record that have the nightclubs on edge … are they doing background checks at the club now? Why do you think 2 Chainz doesn’t get love in Vegas? Let us know in the comment section below.

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