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Hulk Hogan’s manager doesn’t believe that the 61-year-old wrestler is a “real white racists.”

In a statement to HipHollywood, Richard Paraiso, expressed his reaction to the recent audio recording of Hogan using the N-word to discuss his daughter, Brooke’s dating life.

“I’m a black European guy and I manage Hulk career in partnership with Sovereign Talent Group. That’s the reason why I like to think that the words spoken by Hulk went perhaps beyond his thoughts,” he wrote. “If you carefully listen to the tape, you can notice that he was nervous and upset by his daughter’s [sic] situation with a black man and used the N word. But in the same time, he said that he would rather see his daughter getting married with a black rich   black basketball player and unfortunately used the N word again.”

The statement continued, “But everybody knows that real white racists would never accept to see their daughter getting married with a black guy no matter he is rich or poor. We just think that someone is trying to make money with an old tape dated 2012 because of recent real racist events in America.”

“As a black French man, I have always been shocked by the word ‘Negre’ in the French dictionary. This is the word they use for a ‘Ghost writer’ And ‘Negre’ is the exact translation of ‘Nigger’ …  Hulk was more nervous and upset than racist. After all these years at the WWE, if he was a real racist he wouldn’t have been successful that long and they would have fired him years ago.”

Hogan’s contract with WWE was terminated early Friday morning, his name was taken down from the online Hall of Fame and he will no longer appear on the wrestling reality show, Tough Enough. 

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