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So, you didn’t have a spare hour to listen to Angie Martinez interview Bryan “Birdman” Williams? No worries, we did, and we have everything you need to know about the revealing chat.

First things first, the Cash Money CEO wants everyone to know there is no beef between him and his “son”, Lil Wayne. Birdman states this several time throughout the interview, stressing that he loves him and wants the very best for him. He even says that if Wayne wants to leave Cash Money he will give him whatever he wants and let him leave. However, when Martinez points out that Weezy has said he wants to leave and that he suing him for $51 million, Williams says “I don’t owe him anything.” Color us confused.

Birdman further confused us when he said that he and Wayne still talk, but later in the interview said that they don’t really talk. Huh? Basically, Bryan claims that when he sees Weezy he occasionally says “what’s up”, but they have never really talked about the lawsuit and what Wayne wants to do with his career. So yea, they talk, but they don’t talk…Williams says he’s just waiting for the “proper time” to have that discussion.

Also in the exclusive interview Birdman clears up the rumors that he was in any way involved in Wayne’s bus being shot up. He was very adamant that he had no idea who would do that and that he was in no way involved, claiming the rapper is his son and that he would rather someone shot him instead. He also was not the one who threw water on Wayne while he was performing in Miami. This claim even got a side-eye from Angie who initially didn’t believe him.

On to the Young Thug beef — apparently there is no beef, according the Birdman. He insists that Thug only named his album ‘Tha Carter VI’ as a tribute to Wayne, not a diss. Bryan claims that Young respects and admires Weezy, but did reveal there was a bit of a misunderstanding between the two at one point. Williams says that’s all been cleared up though and the rappers will even collaborate on music soon. Again, another side-eye moment.

All in all, Birdman tried to downplay everything that’s going on in the Cash Money camp right now and blamed the media for over-hyping things. He claims to have beef with no one and says business is still booming. He even said that contrary to popular belief, he really does pay his artist, but of course, people always think they’re worth more.

It was a solid interview, even though Williams seemed a bit guarded at times. If you do find yourself with an hour to kill, you can watch the full convo below.

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