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Confederate Flag Waving Black Woman Says Slavery Was A Choice



A we-guess-she’s-Black Virginia woman says slavery was a choice and she’s proud to rep the Confederate flag. Karen Cooper joins several other kind-of-sorta Black people in their support of the Southern symbol.

“I don’t like to be told what to do,” Coopers starts in an interview for a documentary titled, Battle Flag. The woman, who is also a member of the Tea Party, says she’s support Confederate history because people in the South wave to her. “I mean people wave to me that I’ve never known. The North claim that they like Black people and they care about Black people but it is so segregated that it’s not funny. I felt so welcomed in the South.”

She goes on to discuss slavery, saying in one breath that it was a choice slaves could have avoided by suicide if it was really that bad. And in the next breath, says she’s a slave now because she can’t smoke or drink anywhere or anytime that she wants in United States. She calls that sort of injustice “tyranny.”

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