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It’s safe to say the world wants Beyonce to be pregnant because the rumors never subside.

Rumors are constantly swirling that Beyonce is expecting she and Jay Z’s second child together. And while we will never know unless the singer confirms it herself, new reports are suggesting that the 33-year-old recently conceived through IVF. “They’ve been trying for a while, and it was so hard when it wasn’t happening,” a source told OK. “They both desperately wanted another child and feel so lucky. But they definitely won’t tell everyone with just a statement — that’s not their vibe.”

The insider added, “Even though she’s barely showing, she’s paranoid that someone will pick up on it, so she’s hiding her stomach whenever she goes out. They’ve gone through so much to get here that they don’t want to jinx it by telling everyone before the three-month mark.”

Apparently, the married couple also wants to reveal the news with a grand gesture. “They’d love to involve Blue, because they know how much she wants a little brother or sister,” the insider explained.

However, we doubt it will compare to when Bey announced she was preggers with her daughter Blue at the 2011 VMAs. That was epic!

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