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Angry Chief Keef Is Coming For Chicago’s Mayor



Chicago rapper Chief Keef is looking to transcend his musical career by entering politics. The rapper took to social media to announce his candidacy after current mayor Rahm Emanuel blocked the rapper from hosting a stop the violence benefit concert in the city.

Keef wanted to perform by hologram because there’s an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Chi-town on charges related to child support. How he plans on running a campaign in a city where he’s a wanted man is beyond us. Regardless, Keef urged his Twitter followers to call Rahm’s office to deliver this message:

Emanuel’s office blocked Keef’s benefit concert because they argued that it posed a “significant public safety risk.” The rapper was hoping to raise money for the families of his friend Capo, and 1-year-old Dillan Harris who was killed by a car fleeing the scene of Capo’s shooting death.

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