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Eminem is thanking his lucky stars he didn’t star in Antoine Fuqua’s latest film Southpaw after all.  The Detroit bred rapper was slated to produce and star in the film three years ago, but bowed out to focus on music. Studios execs then turned to Jake Gyllenhaal to star as lead character Billy “The Great” Hope, and boy did he go through one heck of a physical transformation for the role.

HipHollywood caught with 50 Cent during the film’s press day where he told us Eminem applauded Jake’s performance, especially because he knew he wouldn’t have been able to give it the same amount of dedication. “His exact reaction was Jake man f%*k,” laughed the Candyshop rapper. “Because he didn’t see him like that physically or anything.”

Gyllenhaal, along with director Antoine Fuqua, worked out twice a day for 5 months to prep for the role. “He worked hard man. The discipline that he put in to developing the character, it’s obvious you can’t miss it. Eminem,” he pauses with a big grin, “It would have been a different film let’s just say that.”

Southpaw is in theaters July 24th.


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