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Surprise! Report Finds Zara Is Racist AF



Kanye West may be a fan of Zara and their price points, but according to a recent report, Zara isn’t a fan of him or anyone with his skin color. A new survey by the Center for Popular Democracy found that the clothing retailer discriminates towards non-White customers and employees.

Over 250 New York City employees were surveyed by the group, and the findings were SHOCKING … but not really if you’ve ever been inside a Zara. According to the workers, there are feelings of unequal working conditions between Black, Latino and White employees. The study found that Black and “darker-skinned” employees believed they were less likely to be promoted than their White counterparts.

“Findings reveal that both race and skin color play a role in the treatment of employees and customers,” reads the report. “Lighter-skinned workers of color and white employees tend to have higher status assignments, more work hours, and a stronger likelihood of being promoted.”

Some customers, mainly those weren’t White, were referred to as a “special order” by employees. The phrase is code for someone who looks suspicious.

A company spokesperson denied the report, releasing this statement to Huffington Post:

“Zara USA vehemently refutes the findings of the Center for Popular Democracy report which… was prepared with ulterior motives and not because of any actual discrimination or mistreatment. It makes assertions that cannot be supported and do not reflect Zara’s diverse workforce. Zara USA believes that the report is completely inconsistent with the company’s true culture and the experiences of the over 1,500 Zara employees in New York City. We are an equal opportunity employer, and if there are individuals who are not satisfied with any aspect of their employment, we have multiple avenues for them to raise issues that we would immediately investigate and address.

Approximately half of all Zara USA’s employees are Hispanic or African American. In its most recent round of internal promotions at Zara USA, approximately half were Hispanic or African American employees. In addition, approximately half of all hours are regularly allocated to Hispanic or African American employees. These facts clearly demonstrate that diversity and equal opportunity are two of the company’s core values. We are a global multicultural company serving valued customers across 88 countries, and do not tolerate discrimination of any form.”

We know some of ya’ll shop at Zara so we want to hear from you. Have you ever felt like you weren’t welcome in the store? Share your thoughts below.

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