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It’s one of the best segments on television, Jimmy Kimmel Lives’ “Mean Tweets.” But on Thursday night, the hilarious segment where stars read mean tweets about themselves was taken to another level.

Following the Warriors vs. Cavaliers game, Kimmel held the NBA edition part three. Magic Johnson, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry and other NBA greats put their pride aside and read a few unkind words about themselves.

“I’m convinced Magic Johnson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth,” @groneg wrote about the former champion.

Tony Parker was called a french woman by a social media user who wrote: “People say LeBron flops, have you ever seen this little french woman named Tony Parker.”

And who can diss Curry, really? Well, it happened. @zcutler45 wrote: “Imagine the damage Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if he didn’t have such a girl name #changeittosteve.”

But the best tweet of all was read by Los Angeles Clippers player, Blake Griffin. “GOODBYE BLAKE GRIFFIN,” a Twitter user wrote in all caps.. “YOU SOFT GINGER HAIR COLORED LINDSEY LOHAN FRECKLED FACE TWO HEADED B*TCH TAKE YA A$$ HOME B*TCH.”

Check out the video to see more tweets read by Wesley Matthews, Jalen Rose, Jimmy Butler, Reggie Miller, Deandre Jordan and more.

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