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Justine Skye has two reasons to celebrate. Her EP Emotionally Unavailable is out now and her friends are SUPER hype about it!

Dubbed the “Purple Unicorn”, Skye has been building buzz in the music industry for a few years now. She dropped her first EP, Everyday Living in 2013 and now two years later her newest project has fans and friends really excited.

While at the release party for her EP, Justine’s A-List buddies, Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith and more hit the dance floor to show their support for their girl. Spin moves, footwork and gyrations galore — it was a dance party for the ages! But while most people view her friends as superstars, to Skye it’s not even a thought. “Yea I kick it with them, but it’s just like a genuine kick it. It’s not like oh, we’re going to go out and be famous celebrity people today.”

Justine Skye’s EP, Emotionally Unavailable is out now!

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