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ICYMI: Karrueche Tells Chris To “Man The F*ck Up!”



In this episode of the Karrueche and Chris story, K finally lets Breezy have a piece of her mind … via social media, of course.

A few days ago Chris Brown sat down with Ryan Seacrest to chat about why he stalked his ex at a nightclub and then forced his way into her car. While revealing that he was still in love with Tran, he also admitted that it may take some time for her to get over the fact that he cheated on her and had a baby with another woman.

Karrueche also did her own interview with Access Hollywood and when asked about Brown she said she hoped they could stay on good terms but that they were not in communication at the time.

Well, that set Breezy OFF! Our friends over at The Shade Room posted a snippet of K’s interview and Chris exploded in their comment section.

That led KT to hop on Instagram and let Chris have it! In addition to telling him to “man the f*ck up”, the budding actress also told him to “change the bs in your life”. What’s most impressive is that she shaded Chris, stood up for herself and plugged three projects all in the same post. Kudos. Head over to the next page to see the shade.

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