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Last week, Demetria McKinney told us ‘don’t believe the hype’, there had been no decisions made about the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. But, just days later it sounds like she’s singing a different tune.

While catching up with the “Trade It All” singer at the BET Awards she sounded as though she knew her fate was sealed and that she would not be returning. “What’s for you is for you, what isn’t, isn’t. Make the best of each situation … I came on wanting to do my music, mission accomplished,” McKinney stated. She also made it seem like her friend/cast mate Claudia Jordan would not be back either. When we asked, “why do you think they decided not to bring Claudia back?”, Demetria had her thoughts. “Some of the people who don’t come on with an agenda that they really push and stay true to, versus getting into shade and drama and whatever else…,” the singer said with a shrug.

We also asked McKinney about the rumors that actress Kim Fields would be taking Claudia’s peach. Although she couldn’t confirm or deny that story, she did tell us that Fields was being tested for the show and that she wasn’t sure if she would fit in with the rest of the cast. “I think that Kim is very, very opinionated … she’s very strong-minded, she’s very much her own person, she’s very aware of how she feels about everything. So, you know, it might be some competition if she comes in there,” Demetria said.

Who would you like to see on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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