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As the world discussed the debut of Caitlyn Jenner, the gold medalist’s son, Brody hit the red carpet on Monday night for the Los Angeles premiere of Entourage. 

What was Brody’s first appearance since the big reveal, the 31-year-old attended the event with his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, but remained mum on his father’s big transition.

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However, other Hollywood players, including Sacramento Kings player, Rudy Gay, Piers Morgan and Bob Saget shared their reaction to the introduction of Caitlyn. “Very brave young lady,” Mogan explained. “Who would’ve thought we’d say that about Bruce Jenner when he won the Olympic decathlon. And she got a tweet from the President of the United States today. A very transformative day for America and the world.”

Gay explained that although he does not “understand it” if it makes the 65-year-old feel better “than more power to him.”

As for Saget, the actor was more focused on the color scheme of the Jenner VF cover photo. “I think it’s a really cool thing. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful picture … I’m going to use those colors for my next wedding,” he told us.

Entourage, which hits theaters on June 3, follows the story of five men journeying through the shark tank which we call Hollywood. The former HBO series, turned movie, is a labor of love for the cast. “Here we are after eight successful seasons,” Jeremy Piven told us. “I’m really proud of this movie and I just want people to see it.”

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