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Jamie Foxx is the best at story telling.

The comedian stopped by The Ellen Show this week and opened up about playing the role of Mike Tyson in the boxer’s forthcoming biopic. During his chat with Ellen, Jamie told this hilarious story about the first time he met the professional athlete.

“I met Mike Tyson when I was 21. We were all doing the standup comedy at the time … I was the hottest comic coming through,” he said. “We were at this hood club, I get to my Mike Tyson joke and I’m about to kill it. And it’s complete silent. Because Mike Tyson was in the audience.”

He continued, “No one’s laughing. And then the dude, who I still know till this day, yelled out from the back, ‘Mike Tyson’s in here’ … ‘Mike said, do the joke and it better be funny.'”

Jamie goes on to say that he does the joke, it is funny and Mike loved it.

The way Foxx tells the story is executed to perfection and of course, complete with multiple impersonations.

Check it out:

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