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The Rock Explains Why ‘San Andreas’ Was A Challenge To Make



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is continuing his string of kickass roles on the big screen. After the record breaking release of Furious 7, The Rock is now starring in the new disaster flick, San Andreas.

When a 9.6 magnitude quake rocks Los Angeles and San Francisco, Johnson, who plays a rescue-chopper pilot, maneuvers his way through LA to save his daughter who is fighting for her life in Fog City.

“It was a lot of fun but it was also a lot of hard work,” The Rock told us about shooting the film. “The  challenge comes in because it’s the biggest earthquake of all time. There’s the challenge of visual effects, practicality, shooting on location, San Francisco Bay, Downtown San Francisco. There was a lot of challenging elements.”

And for actress Carla Gugino, who plays Johnson’s estranged wife, shooting this film was a challenge for other reasons. Gugino, who experienced the 1994 earthquake in Northrdige, Ca, tells HipHollywood that maneuvering her way through the natural disaster in the film brought up several emotions. “I certainly thought about that a lot,” she said.

Gugino said she also thought about her time living in New York during 9/11. “That also really came to mind so often in this movie for me because that was a real wake up call in regards to just not sweating the small stuff.”

San Andreas hits theaters May 29.

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