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David Letterman said his final goodbye to late night television on Wednesday night and it was a moment of pure bitter sweetness.

After 33 years in the game, the talk show host signed of for the very last time. “These people collectively,” he said about his entire staff, “deserve more credit for this show than I ever will.”

During the 68-year-old’s final show, he explained what his main focus will be now that he’s retired. “You know what I’m going to devote the rest of my life to,” he asked. “Social media.”

Letterman has had hundreds of celebrities join him on the show over the course of his career and many took to social media to wish him a farewell.

“Lindy hop at @lateshow. What an honor and a privilege and A JOY to be able to be your guest,” Kerry Washingon wrote on Instagram. “You made me better. Every single time. #ThanksDave.”

Diddy wrote on Instagram, “Thank you @letterman #daveletterman @cbs for the memories! Late night will never be the same without you! #goodbyedave.”

Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Thank you for so many laughs! You will be greatly missed .”

Click to see who else sent a fond adieu.

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