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Kim Kardashian stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and rocked a sexy ensemble reminiscent of Morticia of The Addams Family.

The reality star was photographed arriving to the studio in Los Angeles in a low plunging blouse paired with a blazer and a what appears to be a long sheer skirt. Kardashian, who is currently promoting her new selfie book set to release next month, also wore her hair back in a low bun.

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During the beauty’s segment, in which she made sure to take an usie with Kimmel, also opened up about her husband, Kanye West’s obsession with home decorating. “He is so into it. It’s become one of his new passions,” Kim said when discussing their new Hollywood home.”He literally flew to Belgium to find wood for our kitchen, and he flew to Fiji once to get fabrics. Like, he’ll fly all over the world just to find the best furniture, fabrics, architects. Like, he’s really, really into it.”

Kim’s new selfie book will include 352 of her best selfies and will be sold for $19.95.

Click to see more photos of Kardashian in gallery below.

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