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Mariah Carey has won multiple Grammy Awards, has platinum selling records and has one of the best voices in the music industry. But over the past year, a string of bad performances, adequate vocals and a low charting album has led to what seems to be never ending criticism for the singer.

But according to rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri, the media isn’t the only one to blame for some of the pop star’s negative press. “From both sides I think it’s like you in the business you have to pay attention to everything,” JD told HipHollywood when asked how he feels about the singer’s latest criticism. “There’s some artists out there that aren’t as serious as they are supposed to be and I think sometimes Mariah doesn’t take it as seriously as she should.”

He continued, “I think that is where the criticism comes from because people expect you to put it at a level they ain’t even suppose to be able touch. Sometimes when you don’t do that, that’s where the criticism comes from.”

Dupri, who produced several of the signer’s albums and has worked with the star for over a decade, added, “Sometimes I think the media is a little too hard on Mariah, but at the same time I think sometimes she has to pay attention to that and say ‘I’m going to be one hundred times more serious than I feel like being right now.'”

“When you been in it [the music industry] this long, yeah, you wake up some mornings you don’t feel like putting your all into something and you feel like just because you got a name people are going to go with the flow. But the way the world is now, people got something to say about everything. You just have to be on your p’s and q’s at all times.”

JD went on to say that he loves that Mariah is currently doing a residency in Las Vegas and that “ain’t nobody going to break our records. That’s never going to happen.”

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