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If you gonna “California Roll,” who better to bring along than Nia Long, Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams.

With a fresh take on the swing era, Snoop Dogg’s new video for his track, “California Roll,” features everything you’d ever want in a visual: Eye candy, flying cars and well, smoke.

Taking place in 1946, Nia Long and a group of movie goers enjoy a 4D experience, reminiscent of Disney’s Star Tours. In the film being featured, Pharrell, Stevie and Snoop take viewers on a futuristic journey through Los Angeles.

“Because it was three superstars I was aiming for ‘event video’ vibes,” director Warren Fu recently told Noisey. “The kind of pop culture thing like when MJ would shut down prime time for his premieres. My initial concept was a spin on Star Tours. It was Pharrell’s idea to make the LA futuristic-Egyptian hybrid, and Snoop’s idea to make the actual ride take place in the ’40s—which then takes them on a journey into the future.”

“California Roll” is featured on Snoop’s new album, BUSH. 

Check it out:

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