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Will Smith might not have any producer credits in the upcoming film, Brotherly Love, but according to Queen Latifah, the Philadelphia native’s youth is all over the script.

“Will is an ever-present figure in everything. Plus, it’s Overbook High, that’s his high school,” Latifah, executive producer of the film told HipHollywood exclusively. “His youth and how he grew up is all over this script, Charlie Mack is all over this script … It’s just kind of the way he grew up and being able to tell a story he can relate to.”

The film’s star, Keke Palmer also revealed that one of the film’s production offices was the house that Smith grew up in.

Brotherly Love, which is set in Philly, is a story about family, love and the fight between two neighborhoods. The drama follows the Taylor siblings and the eldest brother’s journey to lead his family to greatness.

Played by Cory Hardrict, the oldest Taylor brother has some heavy shoes to fill; keeping his brother Sergio, played by Eric Hill focused on basketball and making sure his sister, played by Palmer doesn’t get sidetracked by her teenage love.

“Jackie is just in a place in her life where she is tired of playing the role of Jackie,” Keke told us. “She is tired of being the princess of the family but she doesn’t know who she is outside of that. She meets someone in the film that also sees that she is ready to explore the many different levels of who she is.”

The man that steals Palmer’s heart, Quincy Brown, the son of Kim Porter and Al B. Sure! “I am the new guy in town. I fall in love and coming with that it wasn’t just an easy route of love,” Quincy told us. “It was facing everything that had to deal with the woman I decided to love.”

Brotherly Love hits theaters on April 24.

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