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Did Kylie Jenner Just Throw Shade At Her Dad, Bruce Jenner?



Kylie Jenner took to Instagram on Friday afternoon to promote her father, Bruce Jenner’s upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer. But what might’ve been meant as a harmless way to make sure people tune in for tonight’s show, has been misconstrued as serious shade.

In the post, the 17-year-old used a photo of Bruce sporting a white crop top and hot pants aka daisy dukes.

“daddy throwback. #Tonight #DianeSawyer #ABC #love,” Kylie captioned the photo.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.57.48 PM

The image, which is actually from an old movie Jenner did called Can’t Stop the Music, has lead social media fans to comment about her father’s sexuality and to suggest that Kylie is poking fun at the 65-year-old’s alleged transition from man to woman.

“Lmao well she put him on blast,” an IG user wrote.

“Dressed like a girl to me,” one user wrote.

“They’re dad been dressed like the b*tch that he is,” someone else mentioned.

“He been gay from the beginning,” a fan commented.

Sound off: Do you think Kylie was being insensitive by posting this image?

Be sure to tune in for Jenner’s interview tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Click to see a clip of Bruce in the film.

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