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Exclusive: ‘Hit the Floor’s’ Logan Browning, Robert Riley Remember Stephanie Moseley



Just a few months after the passing of co-star, Stephanie Moseley, the cast and crew of VH1’s Hit the Floor began production for Season 3. But for the actors, returning to set following the loss of their loved one was extremely difficult.

“Stephanie has a light that will always shine, no matter if she’s on this earth or not,” the show’s star, Logan Browning told HipHollywood this week during a set visit on Venice Beach. “We always pay our homage to Stephanie and a piece of her is inside all of us, inside Michael our choreographer. I can see her, I can feel her everywhere.”

Devils basketball player and one of the show’s big names, Robert Christopher Riley shared with HipHollywood that there is no Hit the Floor without Moseley. “She was the first thing anybody saw about Hit the Floor,” he said. “That first teaser with the girl going backwards, seemingly going backwards, but she wasn’t going backwards, but she was so dope it actually looked like she was going backwards … That was Steph. There is no Hit the Floor without Steph as far as I’m concerned.”

Valery Ortiz also chimed in, revealing that they had a memorial before they started filming the new season. Ortiz shared that it was a “really beautiful way to come back to the show before we got on set, before scripts, before fittings. Everyone in this room celebrating her life.”

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