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Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter on Thursday morning to share an unpleasant encounter with a racist man while in Los Angeles.

According to the model, she was walking down Santa Monica Blvd. when she dropped her sunglasses on the ground. Teigen tweeted that a “normal looking dude” yelled out, “f*cking ch*nks always dropping sh*t.”

“Like that’s not even a stereotype. get your sh*t together. What a bad racist,” Teigen tweeted.

John Legend’s wife added, “We were the only ones on the block and he screamed it from 5 feet away. Then when I acknowledged it he said ‘oh now the oriental can hear.'”

Teigen is known to speak her mind via social media, but she doesn’t think opening up on that type of platform is always a good. “I’ve been on it [Twitter] for so long and it always worked for me, if anything it’s help. But I do think it can hurt some of the really polarizing famous people,” she said during a Q & A for the announcements of the 2015 Billboard Awards finalists.

However, the beauty stated that she likes “seeing the real side of people.”

Welp, this morning’s post doesn’t get any more real.

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