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Exclusive: Casper Smart Opens Up About His Relationship With J. Lo



Jennifer Lopez’s new animated movie Home hits theaters today. But, what you may not know is that her rumored ex, Casper Smart, also worked on the Dreamworks film with her … well, kinda.

In the film, Lopez voices the character Lucy, who is Tip’s (voiced by Rihanna) mom. So where does Casper fit in? The choreographer was responsible for all the motion capture in the film. So when you see the Boov aliens dance, move and shake their “Boov Thang”, it’s all Smart’s doing.

We caught up with the now famous flame of J. Lo during the premiere of Home, and asked him about how it was working with his ex. Little did we know, Casper and Jennifer never broke up! According to several sources, the two decided to act like they were broken up all in the name of business. Bottom line, both of them are hotter when folks think they’re single. But, the jig is up. Cameras have caught the twosome spending a lot of time together recently and just yesterday, spotted the pair kissing behind-the-scenes at Jenny’s American Idol gig.

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