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Common Talks Going Head to Head with Liam Neeson



Get ready to see Common like you’ve never seen him before. The Chicago native plays an assassin on the hunt for Liam Neeson, and he’s all kinds of crazy.

HipHollywood sat down with the recent Oscar winner about his role as Price, and what it was like going head to head with veteran on-screen hitman Liam Neeson.

“You know I’m a warrior too,” joked Common about not letting Neeson get the best of him during their fight scenes. “You know I had to go there as an actor and I knew when the role was given to me I was like ok I’m going to go toe to toe with Liam Neeson so I got to deliver.”

But while Common was excited about the opportunity to work with Neeson, his co-star Joel Kinnaman was just as excited to be working with Common.

“For me it was almost bigger to be in a movie with Common than the other guys,” admitted Kinnaman who is a huge hip-hop fan. “He’s been apart of my life a lot, Common is one of my heroes.”

You can see the rest of their interviews above, and be sure to check out Run All Night in theaters March 13th.

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