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Shots Fired! Diddy’s Family Threatened After Assaulting Drake



Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince is putting Diddy on notice, letting him know that there are consequences to touching his family. Drake’s mentor is furious that the Bad Boy media mogul assaulted Drizzy outside a Miami nightclub.

Prince issued a staunch warning to Diddy on a recording released overnight where he also threatens Lil Wayne, Baby, Slim and Suge Knight.

“First of all, Puffy feeling like he can put his hands on my family opens the doors for his family to be touched. You reap what you sow,” J. Prince explains.

“By the way, Lil Wayne is a b*tch, his manager is a drunk and his lawyer is a thief, so f*ck all of them together. Disrespectful little punk. To Baby and Slim, I will not allow it to stay on my track record that Cash Money took anything from me and my son. Do right by me and pay every penny due. I’m not gonna lip wrestle with you n*ggas, but if any of you clowns cross me or family, bad news is gonna beat you home.”

Back in 2012, Prince filed a lawsuit claiming that he introduced Drake to the Cash Money family to help further the rapper’s career. Part of the lawsuit reads:

On or about 2007/2008, Plaintiffs discovered the rap artist professionally known as “Drake” and introduced him to Defendants to help further his entertainment career. Since Plaintiff’s discovery of Drake, his career has been wildly successful. He has sold millions of records and received countless awards. Plaintiffs and Defendants had an agreement to split profits associated with Drake’s success. Despite their agreement, Defendants have failed to pay or account to Plaintiffs in accordance to the agreement. In fact, Defendants actions suggest that they are attempting to oust Plaintiffs from the Drake business altogether. Defendants have also failed to pay or account to Drake. By not paying Plaintiffs or Drake, Defendants have put the entire Drake business in jeopardy. As such, Defendants are causing great injury to Plaintiffs.

To hear the newly released diss track, hit play below.

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